About Us


Serena Sandilands opened Frame Lash Studio because she has a passion for beauty and the drive to empower women. The artists at Frame Lash Studio are certified technicians who are committed to ensure clients choose the service that best suits them, and focus on the health of the natural lashes. 

We offer custom lifting memory foam beds and reclining leather chairs to ease your body and mind as we enhance your eyes with eyelash extensions that will boost your confidence and enhance your femininity.

At Frame Lash Studio, our clients have their choice of lounge! Our Social Lounge is located on our main floor of the studio, where you are lashed in a comfortable memory foam bed. Conversations with the lash artists are welcome, our music is up-beat, and we have light citrus essential oils throughout the air. We know that salons are a woman’s sanctuary and sometimes quietness is preferred. Clients can choose to escape to our quiet lounge and be lashed in a cozy reclining chair. Our quiet lounge consists of calming essential oils, instrumental music, and a relaxing atmosphere of a talk free zone. 

We have our own skincare line called Preston and Adore, founded and designed by Serena herself.  This skincare line is eyelash extension friendly, and is infused with anti-aging ingredients. The proprietary Triune-A formula is carried through all of the products. Amla, Astaxanthin and Aloe have healing properties and are high anti-oxidants. Vitamin C helps with dark circles and large pores, Collagen improves the elasticity in the skin, and Hyaluronic Acid increases moisture and reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles. All of our products are USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Non-Comedogenic, and free from Parabens and toxic ingredients. 

Our Commitment


Our lash specialists enhance your natural beauty with eyelash extensions that celebrate your features and leave you with a natural, flawless set of lashes to fashion everyday in every way.


Choose between our Classic, Hybrid, or Volume packages. If you are unsure of which package would best suit you, feel free to ask one our service technicians! Call us today to make an appointment or send us a message.


Located in the heart of Oakville, Ontario. We strive to be the last lash boutique you’ll ever want to visit. With state of the art equipment and personable service technicians you’re bound to have a great experience.