Hybrid Lash Extensions

Lash Extension Studio


Volumizing lashes applied over individual eyelash extensions. Give your lashes added dimension.
The more our eyes can express our emotions, the more chances we get in connecting with those around us. No need to risk your dollars to try and test volumizing mascaras that can leave your lashes clumpy and over-done.

This technique takes classic one step further for a more dramatic and evocative lash look. The eye is framed with a base of classic lashes which provides structure and definition. Then 3-10 light-weight volume lash extensions are applied on top in a fan to each natural lash to accentuate the flare and dimension of your lashes.

Length, thickness and number of lashes applied will depend on the strength and thickness of your own natural lashes. With the Hybrid extension, you will walk away with more drama and expression without looking like you tried!

Full Set

Volume and Classic Lash extensions mixed to provide a full wispy design. This offers both the timeless look of classic lashes and volume 2-6D fans. (2 hour appointment)


Removal of grown out lash extensions and replacing with individual classic lash extensions as well as volume lash fans. Must have at least 50% of extensions remaining to be considered a fill. You will want to be booking your lash appointment within 2 1/2 – 3 weeks. (1 hour appointment)

Mini Fill

Mini fill Frame Volume lashes (30 minute appointment)


Removals with the purchase of a full set are complimentary. Removals without a purchase of a set are $30.