Facial Filler

Facial Filler

Marionette lines, hollowing of temples and tear troughs, sagging cheeks/jowls and deflated lips all play a part in making us look older. Facial fillers can be used to plump areas that have lost volume through aging and provide a youthful look.

Book a session in our private Frame Spa Room for a relaxing experience with no downtime. We offer filler for lips, jaw/jowl contouring, tear troughs, neck, temples, chin, marionette lines and nasolabial folds. We use a prescription numbing cream on the desired areas before treating! The number of syringes needed depend entirely on the areas being chosen for treatment. First syringe $550 and additional syringes (purchased at time of treatment) $500. The following are ESTIMATES of the number of syringes that could be used for treatment areas. Our nurse injector will advise you as to how many syringes will be needed to achieve your desired result!


*Marionette lines

*Nasolabial folds

*Tear troughs

*Neck lines


*Jawline contour





Botox and dysport


Add a gorgeous set of lash extensions to your med spa appointment!