Combo Brows - Hair strokes & Soft Shading

Combo Brows are a semi-permanent beauty solution for those that suffer from very little brow hair. Similar to a tattoo, pigment is fused into the skin with micro needles. This technique is a mixture of both powder and micro blading applications. Hair strokes are are added with soft shading behind, which gives the result of a soft penciled-in look. 

Due to aging, over plucking, hormonal imbalances and genetics brows can become sparse over time. For clients that suffer from asymmetry, patchy spots or sparse hair, this is the solution for you. Imagine waking up every morning with your brows already on! No more reapplying makeup after swimming or showering. Depending on the clients skin type, this solution lasts years.

Combo Brows -
Hair Strokes
& Soft Shading

By blending the hair stroke (nano brow) technique with a soft shading technique, the artist is able to create a 3 dimensional result that is miraculously realistic and breathtakingly gorgeous.  The final appearance of combo brows is a natural, fuller, and more defined look. This technique is accomplished by creating the hair strokes first, and then adding soft shading that will cover the skin between the hair strokes. Once healed, you will see the hair strokes on top of a softly shaded background. 

This technique can last 12-36 months depending on the skin type. It requires two appointments 6-8 weeks apart from one another – the second appointment (touch up) IS included in the price. 3 Hour appointment


Add a gorgeous set of lash extensions to your brow appointment!