Powder & Ombre Brows

Powder and Ombre Brows

Powder and Ombre brows are the most popular semi permanent brow technique. The finished application resembles the look of expertly applied soft eyebrow makeup. The powder technique is very gentle on the skin and therefore suitable for any skin type and age!  This technique involves creating a pixelated effect (little dots that appear like a soft spray) to create delicate edges around the brows versus solid block brows with very defined contours. The brows will heal soft and powdery, unlike traditional cosmetic pencils. 

Once healed, your brows will look like they have been perfectly applied. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This method delivers even coverage and ages beautifully. Powder brows will last 12-36 months depending on your skin type. Two appointments within 6 weeks are required – the second touch up appointment is included in the price. 3 hour appointment

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