Kybella Fat Dissolver

Kybella - Submental Fat Dissolver

Kybella is a miracle cure for small stubborn fat pockets. Deoxycholic acid is produced by your own body to help absorb fat. A synthetic form of this is used in injections to destroy fat cells between the surface. This is a PERMANENT solution as the fat cells will not grow back!

Khloe Kardashian brought this treatment to world media when she not only became a spokesperson for the company – she became a client! Khloe’s chiseled jawline seemed to appear out of nowhere before her secret was revealed! She took years of age from her face and looked thirty pounds thinner.

The FDA approved treatment was originally designed to combat the double chin. It has also been known to work to treat other small areas; bra fat rolls on the back, rolls under breasts, banana rolls under buttocks, fat below belly button and small love handles.

Kybella typically takes 2-3 treatments for most people. The number of syringes used depends on the amount of submental fat you would like to dissolve. There can be swelling in the area for up to 4 weeks after the treatment. Each session is done 4-6 weeks apart for best results. We use a prescription numbing cream before injecting the treatment areas.


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