Waxing Services


Waxing unwanted hair and/or peach fuzz around the face and brow areas creates a polished look. Makeup can then sit closer to the skin to give a flawless porcelain complexion.
We use a soft wax that is gentle on the skin. It is carefully applied with one applicator at a time. We NEVER double dip the applicator in our wax pot. Our unbleached natural muslin fabric easily removes wax from the skin.

We begin each wax service by cleansing the area with Preston and Adore Organic Cleansing Milk. At the end of the service we sooth the skin with Preston and Adore Serum that is infused with Aloe Vera.

Book these waxing services on their own or pair with a lash service!

Brow Shaping

Whether it is just a clean up of your brow area or a full re-shaping of your brows – we have you covered. Our artists will carefully map out your desired look taking your eye shape into consideration. 20 minute appointment.

Individual Facial Areas

Brows aren’t the only areas of the face that benefit from waxing. The fine hairs around the face make it difficult for makeup to sit uniformly and can often make the face seem wider.

We offer an array of wax services for the face that can be booked individually. Each area of the face is a 15 minute appointment unless multiple areas are paired together. If booking brows AND three or more other areas – it is more cost effective to book “Full Face” waxing even if you do not wax all areas.

+ Forehead
+ Upper Lip
+ Chin
+ Cheeks
+ Sideburns to jawline
+ Nostrils (coming soon!)

Full Face

This wax service will make your skin silky smooth all over. All areas of the face will be treated including brow shaping.

Brows, upper lip, chin, forehead, cheeks, sideburns to jawline.

There is a $15 savings when you book a full face wax all together. (1 hour appointment)


Add tinting to your eyebrows for only $17 more. We carry an array of colours that are sure to make your brows pop!