Classic Lash Extensions

This method is one eyelash extension applied to one natural eyelash. The quantity of extensions applied is based on the amount of natural eyelashes the individual has. 

This technique is perfect for first-time client and those who want to subtly enhance their natural look. For your inspired look, our lash artists will help you choose the best type extensions, taking into consideration your individual eye shape and eye-lid contour. You can choose to flare your lashes to the outer corner of your eyes for a natural winged look,  or open up your eyes with fullness in the centre giving you a doll eye look.

Full Set

1:1 application of a faux mink eyelash extension applied to one natural lash. Provides a subtle, natural, elegant everyday look. (2 hour appointment)


Removal of grown out lash extensions and replacing with individual classic lash extensions. Must have at least 50% of extensions remaining to be considered a fill. You will want to be booking your lash appointment within 2 1/2 – 3 weeks. (1 hour appointment)

Mini Fill

Mini fills are perfect for a quick touch up if you have a special occasion in between regular fills and you want some extra glam! Please remember that there is no clean up or removal of old extensions during this appointment so it can not take the place of getting regular fills. (30 minute appointment)


Removals with the purchase of a full set are complimentary. Removals without a purchase of a set are $30.