Permanent Makeup

Classic lash extensions


Individual eyelash extensions applied to individual lashes. Quantity based on number of natural lashes selected.


Want va-va-voom lashes for a special occasion? Hem your eyes with a thick dark fringe with our volume style.

Hybrid Lash Extensions


Volumizing lashes applied over individual eyelash extensions. Give your lashes added dimension and style.


Unsure whether eyelash extensions are for you? Frame Lash Studio is here to get you loving your lashes. We offer a Discovery Set for those getting eyelash extensions for the first time. The discovery set allows clients to enhance their lash look without committing to a full set of lash extensions. The Discovery Set includes shorter lashes to give you additional boldness to your natural lash look.

The Discovery Set allows you to visualize the best length and shape of lash for your eyes.

Prices: It will work out to the same number of lashes you would have put on for a fill at a cost of either $75, $90 or $105 depending on the application technique you choose. This will be a one hour appointment. You will leave with half of the lashes of a full set.